Friday, 14 July 2017

Dance Plus 3 Top 12 Contestants, Crew: Meet the Dances Ek Level Up

Star Plus is back with the Dance Plus Season 3 and They have revealed the Top 12 Iconic Dancers who all have Some Uniqueness in Dance and are the Next Level Dancers who are set to Compete with World Dance Champions in Dance+3. See Who are the Top 12 Dancers Contestants and Crew in Dance +3


Team Dharmesh, Team Shakti and Team Punit are in Individual Teams with their Contestants Dancers. They will mentor and Train their Dancers to Compete Hard with World Dance Champions Fik-sun, Dytto, Pandit Birju Maharj Katthak Dance Group and Paul-Brittany.

Dance +3 Top 12 Contestants Names 2017 (Teams)

Meet the Top 12 Dancers Contestants in Remo D'Souza's Dance Plus 3.

Contestant Name Photo Team
The Tuttix Crew Team Dharmesh
Shivani Patel & Tarun Nihalani Team Dharmesh
Amardeep Singh Natt Team Dharmesh
Aryan Patra Team Dharmesh
House of Suraj of Kumari Suraj Team Punit Pathak
AVP Crew Team Punit Pathak
Bir Radha Sherpa Team Punit Pathak
Ayush & Mukesh Team Punit Pathak
Chow En Lai Phuken Team Shakti Mohan
Jeet Das Team Shakti Mohan
Shree Rama Nataka Niketan Team Shakti Mohan
Nostalgia Dance Crew Team Shakti Mohan

Kumari Suraj, The Tuttix Crew, Ayush & Mukesh, Dynamic Dance Crew, ODA - Om Dance Academy, Hypnotics OG INDIA, Keyur Vaghela, Pavan Tak, Paramdeep Singh, Nepohlic crew, Akbar Ali Ansari, Shivani Patel & Tarun Nihalani, Niraj Pardeshi, Pranav Pardeshi , Forbidden Crew, The Haze Crew, Nostalgia Dance Crew, Bir Radha Sherpa, Upmanyu & Venus, Amardeep Singh Nath, Arpit & Vishesh are the Selected Contestants After the Auditions. Some of them Selected For the Top 12 Final List in Remo D'Souza's Dance Plus 3. 

Keep Watching Dance Plus 3 Every Saturday-Sunday 8 PM on Star Plus Channel.

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