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Dynamic Dance Crew in Dance Plus 3: Wiki Biography Profile

Dynamic Dance Crew is the All style dance crew from Mumbai formed in 2012 by all style dancer Swapnil Patil (Swapp). It's One of the Famous Dance Crews and received lots of Awards and remained Winner for Several Dance Festivals. Have a Look at the Mass Achievements by Dynamic Dance Crew who are now Contestants on Remo D'Souza's Dance+3

dynamic dance crew

This crew was formed in 2012 as Dynamic Soul Crew by Swapp(Swapnil Patil) was well known for popping,robotics,animation,later on in 2013 its named changed to Dynamic Dance Crew with new members(all style dancers) and also with new styles.

After Performing on Colors TV's India Banega Manch Television Reality Show they are back to rock the Dance Plus 3 Iconic Dance reality Show by Remo D'Souza.

*Winner of MOOD INDIGO 2014
*Bronze medalist at HHI INDIA 2015
*2nd runner up at INDIA FEST 2015
*Winner of PCMC GOT TALENT 2015
*Winner of SANGAMNER FEST 2015
*Winner of MUMBAI DREAM 2015
*Winner of RUDRA FEST 2015
*Winner of UDAAN FEST 2015
*Winner of SPRING FEST 2015
*Winner of TARANG FEST 2015
*Winner of THE STREET 2015
*Winner of RYTHEM FEST 2015
*Semi Finalist at CRANK DAT 2015
*1st runner up at UDHAAN FEST-Pune 2015
*1st runner up at UDHAAN 2016
*1st Runner up AT HOOF AND DAZEL 2015
*1st runner up at MDC-MUMBAI DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP 2015

Crew members
1.Founder/Lead-Swapp (Swapnil Patil)
2.Lazie Girl (Chaitra Shetty)
3.Ash.Weirdo (Aishwarya Madhav)
4.Bboy Kiddy (Suraj Thapa)
5.Panda (Jatin Jangid)
6.Electrolin (Shailin Bhanse)
7.Popping Addy (Aditya Shetty)
8.Prox (Pratik Meher)
9.Krash( Krishi Chudasama )
10.Unkown ( Rikin Rajpurohit )
11.Popping Snare ( Abhay Sharma )
12.Smasher ( Ayush Jain )
13.Sunit Gupta- Manager

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